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Kerry Evitts Art

Laugh out Loud

Laugh out Loud

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Ink and acrylic on framed canvas 

90cm x 90cm 


Bright, fun and fabulous, this artwork is joy on a canvas, its bright colours and gold hues bounce the lights around a room like laughter at a comedy show 

 I love to laugh; who doesn't? But do you do it enough? When we laugh, our brain releases chemicals like endorphins and dopamine, which make us feel happy and reduces stress. This in turn boosts our mood and strengthens our immune system. Laughter also improves blood flow and relaxes muscles, promoting overall health. It connects us socially and is the best tonic for pretty much anything! 

This artwork was created with this in mind and infused with positive humorous energy, as I painted and giggled my way through listening to French and Saunders ‘Titting about” (If you haven't listened to it yet do!) 


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