Corporate Events

Tailored to your needs, the workshops are particularly useful for:

đź’« Injecting some fun into get togethers

đź’« Confidence-building

đź’« Teambuilding, especially for teams forming or reforming after working from home

đź’« Individuals with zero or little creative/artistic experience

đź’« Managing mental health with mindfulness

đź’« Inspiring creativity and creative thinking

The workshops typically last 90 minutes to 3 hours and can be small intimate workshops, through to larger groups.

A range of media can be used, including line-making, painting, sketching, sculpture, collage, wreath-making, and more.

The only limit is our imagination!

The emphasis is on curating and delivering energising and interactive workshops that perfectly fit your objectives, audience, timing, location and budget.

Blending fun with purpose, together we create impactful and memorable events your delegates will love.

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