Lets Talk Art- Upcoming Kids Exhibition, Next Generation

Lets Talk Art- Upcoming Kids Exhibition, Next Generation


Being a creative art has always been a passion of mine, this blended with my past professional career in mental health has enabled me to combine my two passions to help children identify the use of art and crafts as a mindfulness tool. After holding some children's mindful art classes last school holidays, I noticed the intrinsic shift in the energy of the children as they sat and began creating...It really was magic and from this the idea for "NEXT GENERATION" was born. I soon got to work mapping out how to make it come to life.

Next Generation - An art exhibition for kids, by kids. I was delighted to have a very positive response from the community and was immediately offered a large sponsorship of art and craft materials from Riot art and Craft in Moorabbin vic, who were keen to get behind me to offer all children who came to the event the opportunity to have a go and get involved in the creative fun. I also received generous sponsorships from Monte Marte for a face painting station and art prizes, Bendigo bank, Bakers delight southland, Mulbury, Showbags Melbourne, Little devils circus, Camp Australia, Coles sandringham and Kez's Kitchen. What absolute legends they all are!

After cementing the funding, I got onto all the advertising for the event and put out a call for art.

I received many submissions from children and can honestly say I am impressed with the level of talent, which both the children and I cannot wait to show everyone.

At first, I was torn with the idea of offering art prizes for the exhibition, I wanted my main message to be about Children using art as a mental health tool but after much thought I decided to go ahead with the Art prizes (artworks chosen by the public) as being chosen to exhibit in the exhibition is a huge confidence boost as it is and well the art prizes are just a bonus and will hopefully encourage all the exhibitors to go on creating.

A focus on Mental health - I have chosen to collaborate with the wonderful Sarah from Mindful Kids Melbourne. Sarah is a local teacher and is passionate about the social and emotional education of young people and helping children develop positive mental health and wellbeing. Sarah like me believes teaching children about mindfulness and promoting positive wellbeing from a young age leads to positive outcomes and the development of resilience and problem-solving strategies in children that they will take with them throughout their lives. 

During the event she who will be offering 2 free sessions where she will be demonstrating mindfulness strategies as well as sharing resilience and wellbeing activities to help kids to chill and relax. 

A Celebration of the Arts - I wanted to cram as much children's art as possible into this event so everyone could get involved, so on top of the artworks on display I have included some musical Buskers to show off their talents and a photography competition on the day. With the opening still one week away knowing me I will think of something else to add in too, so open to ideas if you want to reach out.

As you can imagine I am thrilled and cannot wait to open up the doors to the public on Saturday 24th June at 26 Advantage road, Highett. 10am - 5pm. Get it in the Calendar, Spread the word and come and see all the amazing artworks from the children of Bayside and Kingston.


Do you ever marvel at your child's imagination? As a mum of three I'm often amazed at their ability to conjure up stories and ideas. It can sometimes feel like magic how their minds work. Let's talk more about this...

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